Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Word After Another: A Week in Links 2/16/14

I want to start by giving a plug to Gamefixt who a fellow St. Joseph's College alumni writes for and Elite Daily for the same reason. Keep writing guys.

     Next I want to plug the latest episode of Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins.

     This one feature Tom Lennon who you may know from various roles such as the doctor from Dark Knight Rises and his roles on Reno 9/11. It is not this particular episode I want to plug but the show Speakeasy in general. Paul F. Tompkins is easily the more charming interviewer I have ever seen and isn't weighed down by the promotional bureaucracy that network talks shows have to deal with. His show has had numerous people I am sure you're into if you watch any kind of television so check out his show Speakeasy on YouTube.

     Next is a cover of CHVRCHES' The Mother We Share done by Half Moon Run that I have quite enjoyed for the past week. Going from Electronic to Folk does not to sway my opinion against this song.

     I enjoyed this bit of graffiti hip-hop artist Aesop Rock posted this week. Yes, you should listen to Aesop Rock.

     Now, on to love. This link a friend posted that I clicked on, not expecting much, was surprising poignant. 17 Ways You Know You've Finally Found the One is a bad title but lists realistic boundaries and parameters for a happy adult relationship. It should of been titled 17 Ways You Know You're In A Happy and Healthy Relationship.

     On to television, where True Detective continues to be a bizarre and fresh take on the cop procedural. io9 produced these two great articles on the show. Both the One Literary References You Must Know to Appreciate True Detective and True Detective takes us to the void at the center of meaning explore the bizarre rituals and behavior seen in True Detective's murderer(s?) and detectives.

     How ‘Office Space’ Influenced the Way an Entire Generation Thought About Work examines exactly what made me scared to get a full time job when I was sixteen. I feared the nine to five cubicle, going home to the wife with two kids then getting up again to go to the cubicle the next day. Now, I'd kill for a cubicle job but this article is still worth a read.

     This was a trend started by members of the IGN staff in which Donatello from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is photoshopped into other images. It entertained me for a while and I hope it entertains you.

     Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon's version of The Tonight Show premiered this week and now our long nightmare of Jay Leno is finally over. To celebrate here is Brian Williams rapping Rapper's Delight.

     Finally, to end the week is by far my favorite breed of dog, the Corgi, running around a carousel. Enjoy your week everyone.

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