Saturday, February 15, 2014

One Word After Another: A Week In Links (2/9/14)

     I tried this once before, where I post a week in links I appreciated but not on this blog so I am once again going to try it.

If you have trouble identifying Moby then this song is for you.

     Scrubs being turned into a Broadway musical. This article doesn't look upon the idea fondly but I would definitely go see it. 

     The Problem with The Big Bang Theory. A bit old but a great post that asks the question What or Who are we really laughing at when we watch Big Bang Theory?

     One of three articles about The Lego Movie. The first one is a response to Fox News claiming the movie is anti-capitalism. 'The Lego Movie' Isn't Just Anti-Capitalist. It's Anti-Fox, Too. The next, from two sticks-in-the-mud Jerry Seinfeld shades The Lego Movie, Accuses the film of ripping off his jokes. If you don't remember Seinfeld did a series of American Express commercials in which an animated Superman hung out with Jerry and avoided calls from Green Lantern. Why I Won't See the Lego Movie claims the mini-figs ruined Legos years ago.

     Markus Zusak: How I Let Go of The Book Thief. The author of The Book Thief himself writes an article similar to how I've written on this blog about how the movie version of a book is allowed to be different.

     Billy Ray Cyrus kills music forever by making a hip-hop sequel to Achy Breaky Heart.

     In less lighter news this article about surveillance and how it ruined a decade of Brandon Mayfield's life is frightening to say the least.

     Also, NBC have once again screwed up by editing out the IOC Anti-Discrimination-Statement at the Olympics.

Finally. Key and Peele's action movie obsessed valets meet someone they admire in this video.

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